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StreamIce® (liquid ice) from salt water

Depending on the density of the ice, the temperature of the StreamIce varies between -2° and -3°C. Due to its liquid form, it guarantees a complete enclosure of the fish and is therefore particularly advantageous for rapid cooling. The ice density can be varied from 15 to 55%, depending on the intended use. The higher the density, the more suitable the ice is for storing fresh fish. If the water in the box is allowed to drain, the ice crystals will settle evenly around the fish and cool for up to several days.

Due to its pumpability, the StreamIce can easily be brought to its destination by means of an appropriate system. There is no need for tedious shovelling.

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Cooling should be refreshing, gentle, soothing, caring whether on products, in processes or on people. Our world needs to be treated with care – which is best achieved using natural and environmentally-friendly methods but without compromising performance. Exactly how Ice is made when produced by machines from the new ZIEGRA CoolNat series.



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