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Ice storage systems from ZIEGRA

demand-oriented ice delivery


Why use an ice storage?

Ice can (and should) not always be produced just when it is needed. It is usually worth producing the ice in advance and allowing it to collect in an ice bin and having it available, provided the ice is suitable for storage (see chip ice). Above all this saves investment costs and creates flexibility.  
Reasons for having an ice storage system:

  • irregular ice requirement with peak times
  • a large amount of ice is processed in a very short period of time
  • a large amount of ice is required simultaneously at different consumption points
  • uses cheap evening off-peak electricity
  • high surrounding temperatures, which could cause losses through melting if you do not have an ice storage system  



Diverse storage solutions are available, such as:  

Static ice bins:
For diverse ice requirements with an easy, manual removal of ice through the bin door. Material: stainless steel on the inside and outside, with strong insulation. A drain for defrosted water can be found on the floor. A condensation pump is available as an additional option.  
Ice bin with ice transport cart:
For diverse ice requirements with easy discharge by opening the flap on the base of the ice bin. The ice then falls down into the ice transport cart below. The base flap is then closed again. Material: Polyethylene on the inside and stainless steel on the outside, with strong insulation.  
Automatic silo:
First in - first out principle. The ice dosing is set via the start/stop switch. The tiring shovelling of ice is no longer necessary. Options: weighing system or on-site base scales.    
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Cooling should be refreshing, gentle, soothing, caring whether on products, in processes or on people. Our world needs to be treated with care – which is best achieved using natural and environmentally-friendly methods but without compromising performance. Exactly how Ice is made when produced by machines from the new ZIEGRA CoolNat series.



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